White Ceramic Tealight Spoon

White Ceramic Tealight Spoon

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This stylish little tealight spoon is the perfect accessory for your tealight warmers. 

Pop your tealight into the spoon and pop under your wax warmer.

These are the perfect way to avoid burnt fingers when lighting and blowing out your tealight.

Suitable for tealights up to 4hr and up to 39mm in Diameter.

6cm x 4.5cm x 1.2cm (Please note that the spoons measure approx 4.5cm in width. It is important to check the width of your warmer tealight opening as this may not fit all warmers)

This item is hand finished and some natural variation may occur from piece to piece. Minor surface imperfections and surface ripples can occur with handmade products but these will not affect the functionality of the item in any way.

Tealight Not Included

Wax Melting Safety:

  • The warmer is on a hot-safe surface
  • You stay near the warmer while in use
  • The warmer is out of reach of children and pets
  • Nothing flammable will be close to the candle

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